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During this Multi-Support course, the experience you will share will take you far beyond the simple learning of “how to sail a boat”. Indeed, it is a unique opportunity to discover several boats. Whether on a fun boat, a catamaran or an optimist, sailors will have the opportunity every day to exchange and help each other to progress on a different boat.

You are versatile, curious, with a fierce will to develop your ability to go on water no matter the style of boat, this formula is made for you.
During this multi-support course, the experience you will share will take you far beyond just learning how to master a boat. Indeed, it is a unique opportunity to discover the nautical environment from different angles. Whether on a kayak, a catamaran, a dinghy or a windsurf
board, the days will be followed by the same problematic: How to balance and move on a boat in an environment that is not familiar to us? Another highlight of this course is sharing everyone’s experience. Depending on the experience of each participant, participants will have the opportunity to exchange and help
each other to progress on a new support. And in this little game, the one who seemed very comfortable one day can be much less the next day ...

Bon à savoir

Which outfit to wear for sailing?
When it’s warm:  A shorty wetsuit is recommended and if you do not have one: shorts, tee-shirt will be ok, plastic sandals or trainers, hat or cap, sun cream and windbreaker jacket (depending on the weather). Provide a change of clothes with shower products (towel, shower gel).
When it’s cold: A wetsuit is recommended for light sailing, if you do not have one: a pair of sports trousers, a fleece type sweater, a pair of old
trainers and windbreaker jacket (depending on the weather) will do.
For your comfort, the Nautical Centre offers separate women's and men's changing rooms with individual showers. For your safety, the Nautical Centre provides you lockers for personal belongings.
How to come to the Cap d’Agde Nautical Centre
The« Coche d’eau » is a taxi boat, which
serves various points in the port of Cap d'Agde.
Information: 0033.467.26.38.81
ByCap’Bus – Contact : 0033 467.01.22.24

Contact and Hours
Centre Nautique du Cap d’Agde
Plage Richelieu Est
Av. du Passeur de Challiès
34300 Le Cap d’Agde
Tél. : +33 4 67 01 46 46
Fax : +33 4 67 01 38 40
Out of season: Open from Monday to Friday 9am to 12.30pm and from 2pm to 6pm
and Saturday 2pm to 6pm
July and August: Open every day from 9am to 7pm non-stop
This package includes:  Multi support course (included in the price), A "Sailing Passport" license (included in the price but will be deducted if you already have one.)

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Le 24/04/2021

Parfait et un moniteur très professionnel (communication avec les enfants, contenu pédagogique....)


Centre Nautique du Cap d'Agde - SODEAL

  • Avenue du passeur Challiés, Plage Richelieu Est,
    34300 Agde
  • voir la fiche
  • 0467014646

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